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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Handguns For the Home - Don't Shoot Yourself In The Foot:

STORY TIME:  Many years ago I was part of a Glock factory demonstration for the Australian Federal Police & Defense Forces held in the concrete clad basement Police range in Canberra.

 A guest Australian Army Major was handed a fully loaded Glock 18 (after I had demonstrated how you can fire controlled three and four round bursts on target). - He locked onto the trigger and blew a choking cloud of concrete chips, dust and spent lead from the overhead roof structure as he let the gun climb under recoil and fired the whole magazine into the roof until it locked open empty.

 - All those present ducked low and scooted rearwards .. but no worries - as Major Fuck-Up himself collected most of the 'spall' & aggregate on his own head and uniform .. I wonder if they ever re-plastered that ceiling.

You know that "anti" crap about being more likely to shoot yourself or a family member if you own a gun? - Certainly NOT if you learn, train, and PRACTICE safely ... the truth is that HOW you train and handle yourself and your gun on range is how you will re-act and act for real - because you will have conditioned your behavior by careful practice (which is repetition of the right way).

If you generally are a careless & useless "waste-of-space" ... it's likely that you will be the same with a gun.

- It's ALL in the mind.

- It's also all about myelin and 'neural pathways'. Read a little about it in my previous story here - LINK:

The main purpose of a myelin sheath is to increase the speed at which impulses propagate along the myelinated fiber .. so "practice DOES make perfect". - And so called "Muscle Memory" is sort-of true as long as you've got myelinated fibres in your muscles - see the Wikipedia technical story LINK:

“According to the US National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, there are currently over 900,000 sworn 
law enforcement officers in the US. The 66 murders of police officers represent a rate of one murder per 13,600 officers.
On the other hand, last year there were at least 40,000 murders of private citizens. That is a rate of one murder per 8,000 citizens. Although police officers come into constant contact and frequent confrontation with armed, violent criminals, they are murdered at a rate FAR below that of the general population. Why? Because the police are ARMED. Be like them. Be armed.

Of course - that quote may only apply in countries where it is legal to use a firearm to defend yourself eh😊.

If you've got high cholesterol you might find some consolation in the fact that myelin is largely made of cholesterol eh.

Marty K.

Of course - if your myelin sheaths failed to be developed fully (due to modern teaching methods that do NOT require students to LEARN anything by repetition .. as it's already accessible on the internet) .. you may find that your indebtedness will fully develop .. and that may lead to experiencing very personally that if you & yours were born in a poor area - you will likely die some eight years earlier than those lucky folk who were born affluent.
Marty K.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Exploding Tannerite & Ammonal Targets - & Deadly (Nuke or not) Mishaps:

There are very many substances and mixtures that can be made to explode or to burn dangerously. - There is a long recorded history of scientific researchers developing interesting effects - from the earliest records of 'Greek Fire' (year: 672 Current Era) and other related useful compounds.

12th Century Illustration of 1st Century Greek Fire.

There is an equally long record of unfortunate fools who lost limbs & various other useful bits & pieces - and many others who rapidly drained their various body fluids & plasma and ceased breathing when energetically disassembled .. both long ago and more recently.***

You'll find plenty of video demonstrating how Tannerite or other home-made mixes can entertain and titillate .. but most of the unfortunate departed failed to post their images on-line.

Both Tannerite and the simpler 'Ammonal' are used on ranges to indicate a 'HIT' on target by going BANG. - both compounds consist of two or more NON-explosive chemicals (fuel and oxidizer) that - when mixed will detonate if impacted by a high velocity bullet .. A low-velocity pistol round won't do it.

"that's what I'm talking about"😼

It is generally suggested that you limit your mix to less than two pounds (1 kg.) - but there's always those dense nutters who can't/won't read the boring stuff.

It's an interesting FACT that exactly half of the population has below average IQ. (- this does tend to influence the quality of government etc.)

Our governments like to think they have exclusive rights to use this energetic stuff - like cluster bombs, fuel-air explosives, anti-personnel mines, nukes & missiles, and even 'guns' in many cases.

Maybe I'm being a bit girly here - but I'm not going to list the chemicals needed. - There are plenty of on-line sites and video detailing all that for your delectation.

 - My strongest possible advice is to use passive high visibility 'Splatter' targets and a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope.

Sure these paper targets are costly to buy .. but they are much quieter when used with a silencer & cheaper than setting-off a wild fire - getting arrested -  or blowing-up one of your mates with home-made pyrotechnics.

*** On May 21 1946 - US nuclear physicist  Louis Alexander Slotin was demonstrating how clever he was - playing with two hemispheres of plutonium 'fissile material' held apart with a screwdriver blade - when he fumbled and produced an instant super-critical mass .. the bright blue flash made him twist his wrist - and he managed to throw the top plutonium 'shell' onto the floor - thus preventing this being a massive deadly nuclear explosion at Los Alamos .. but he died nine days later from that half-second burst of radiation. - Remember that he was playing about with this nuclear material only a short time after they thought it possible that these bombs might cause the whole atmosphere to ignite and burn.
Playing With THE DEMON CORE to "Tickle The Dragons Tale".

Link to the full story:

We do need to have total trust in our Governments, Leaders & Military .. they always have our best interests at heart.😁

Marty K.
P.S. Should you be in a 'researching mood' with a cup of decent coffee - have a Google-Wikipedia session starting with Greek Fire .. Naphtha .. Napalm.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Gas Checks:

I picked-up a wee baggie of .32" GAS CHECKS from a dealers stall at last years Christchurch MAMS Show .. I gave the guy $5 when he asked how much were they worth to me!

- I didn't have any particular application in mind - but thought that they "might come in handy".
These things are designed to be crimped in place to the base of projectiles to protect from the gas-cutting action of the high pressure burning powder on cast lead pills when driven hard:
I'd be guessing a bit if I said that most handgun loads below say 1,000 feet per second wouldn't need to be gas-checked .. unless you're trying to shoot swagged soft lead 9mm pills from a Glock .. those hexagonal grooved bores definitely don't like lead bullets and will "lead-up" real quick - 'Glocksters' stick to jacketed or plated pills I'd say.

Certainly riflemen playing with cast bullets might make better progress towards a low cost but useful home load if they selected a casting mold that throws bullets ready for a gas check. like those 'thirty calibers' above.

- Although bear in mind that the latest anti-gun study is that lead bullet fragments & residue in the meat of hunted animals will cause lead poisoning .. particularly in young people.

Guys with brains should be focusing on making better ammunition WITHOUT LEAD .. What's wrong with solid copper? - then we could boast that our bullets are both 'lead free' and anti-bacterial. 😊.

Hornady seem to be the main source for gas-checks - but you might be able to find a die set kit to stamp-out your own gas checks from sheet aluminum beer or soda cans (or aluminium as we poms were taught at school).

I keep looking at that wee baggie and scheming for duplex / triplex or 'buck'n'ball' loads for my 327 Fed. Magnum with the gas-check used between the powder and balls or shot.

I'll do it 😄

Marty K.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Bullet Size - How Much Gun? - Spoon Tips:

Did you ever hear anyone complaining about how small the bullet wounds are produced by .303" British rifles (17 million made) and Mosin-Nagants (37 million made) .. Maybe calling them "mouse guns"?

- how about the other .30" caliber rounds - like the Russian designed AK47's 7.62x 39 mm rounds? (75-100 million guns made).

- But when the .32" ACP - or the other, rimmed and "bottle-necked" 7.62mm 'thirty-two' pistol calibers are mentioned nowadays it's likely that some 96% of those talking will sneer about how puny and undersized they are .. which is kinda strange considering it is exactly the same bore diameter to within the thousandth of an inch as those military rifles.

32"ACP Can Be Fired From .303" Rifle 
With A Chamber Insert (Middle)

I'm not for one split second suggesting that they are anything like as powerful  as those rifle rounds but the true differences in external ballistics are merely weight and velocity.. (merely !).

But surely "horses for courses" applies here? - there is a reason why there aren't many .308" or .303" pistols made for 'carry' .. they would be very scary-hot to shoot from the 'Weaver" stance eh.

 - Whereas a handgun in that same most effective bore size is only required to achieve something like twelve inches penetration in ballistic gelatin - as specified by the FBI protocol - furthermore nine inches is thought enough by some experts ..

In May 1998, INS/U.S. Border Patrol held an "ammunition symposium" at the Firearms Training Unit in Altoona PA, which included representatives from the U.S. Army, various ammunition companies, and independent testing labs. Following two days of discussions a report was issued which included a 9 inch minimum penetration standard.

Those rifle calibers would also be discounted for carry handguns due to over-penetration and of course for excessive recoil and the bulky weight of the pistol even when fired from the legendary "FBI Crouch"

'Classic' FBI Crouch.
Here's a link to video & an interesting piece on enhanced Thirty-two "spoon tip rounds" - altered to be unstable and to tumble.
Spoon Tip

Anyone with a thoughtful nature can "suss-out" the separate features of a long range hunting /battle rifle cartridge compared to the necessary attributes of a short range handgun.

- Sure I can see some benefit of punching a larger (.45" dia. ?) hole in a paper bulls-eye target when the difference between an '8' or a '9' on the line can be critical in the score totals. - Indeed if I had spare dollars I'd easily be sold a big-bore Ruger Number 1 in 45-70 caliber.
Ruger No. 1 - How About a 500gn 45-70 Bullet @  1,900 feet per second ?
- For REAL Men.

However I think that the generally disparaging view of "mouse guns" is very much tilted by
 shooting journalists writing views that bigger is better .. and MAGNUMS rule.

They are of course selling / marketing the industry's fashion trend of "bigger is better". - The motor industry does that same up-sizing constantly - look at a recent Honda Civic - that used to be a mini-car back in 1972 .. yesterday I was behind a Civic that was up the tailpipe of an Aussie built Ford Falcon family saloon on State Highway 7 - driving through The Hurunui - and they were for all visual comparisons the same size now.
.44" Magnum Automag.
A Bigger BANG is fine as long as you don't flinch - can control it (nor break your collar bone) - and not spray it all over the place like a mad woman peeing in the snow.

That superior gender (with two extra chromosomes) ... has been known to state "It's not the size - but what you do with it that counts"

- Bullet Placement eh.

Here's another wee link to a discussion on making & using "Spoon-Tip" rounds:

That offset facet "spoon-nose" seems likely worth exploring if you're a jello-freak - but it might be too costly to get the gelatin down here. Has anyone tried re-melting jello to re-form / refresh it?

- Here's another Link to an excellent discussion on selecting self defense ammunition (For military, Law Enforcement, & non New Zealand citizens):

Marty K.

Friday, 2 February 2018

WMR .22" Magnum Power - Latest From 'Ballistics By The Inch':

 I pick-up a lot of useful stuff from Greg Ellefritz who runs Active Response Training, and I have a lot of respect for his work in law enforcement training / research - and also for 'Ballistics by the Inch' who do very thorough & interesting ballistic testing.

They both do good work.

This time it's Greg who has directed me to "BBTI" for a discussion about just how much more effective is the .22"Magnum (& other magnums) over an ordinary .22" rim-fire cartridge .. especially from a short barreled handgun?

Both of these outfits do the hard yards trying to tell the truth and to cut the crap. - If you can bother to read my stuff - you'll need to read this article .. but their summary is:
"Bottom line. For me, the take-away lesson from these tests is that the .22 Magnum is a cartridge that is best served out of a rifle barrel, even a short-barreled rifle. At the high end we were seeing velocities that were about 50 percent greater than what you’d get out of a similar weight bullet from a .22 LR. In terms of muzzle energy, there’s an even bigger difference: 100 percent or more power in the .22 Magnum over the .22 LR.
But when you compare the two on the low end, out of very short barrels, there’s very little if any difference: about 10 percent more velocity, perhaps 15 percent more power. What you do notice on the low end is a lot more muzzle flash from the .22 Magnum over .22 LR."
- From a short barrel - 22 Magnum (WMR) will look and sound much more impressive & powerful - but you need around 10 or 12 inches to do the job properly 😁

There is so much marketing going-on and so much "FAKE NEWS" being thrown around that anyone of us may be smeared with bollocks that might affect our thinking - but if we can keep looking - the truth may become clearer eventually eh.
It's the 'Hard Sell'  being poured all over us.
Here in New Zealand one measure of how much pressure is being applied to bend our thinking - is that fully one third of television programming is ADVERTISING.
The 'Current Affairs' & 'News' programs are also opinion pieces or 'discussions' trying to direct viewers thinking.

"Vested Interest:  a personal reason for involvement in an undertaking or situation, especially an expectation of financial or other gain."
- That's right .. twenty minutes in every hour here of free-to-air TV is ADVERTS. (time it yourself).
If you buy a US gun magazine - something like half the content is obviously paid advertising (and that's OK to see) .. but many of the stories are also promoting commercial product for your dollars. Try not to be taken-in.
Marty K.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Kentucky Colonel George Chinn & The Machine Gun:

I came across this larger-than-life Kentucky character on a Forgotten Weapons video about the five volume book set THE MACHINE GUN:

Declassified 1961.
You Machine gun enthusiasts can apparently download a free PDF version of the whole comprehensive and rare set.

George Chinn wasn't any typical dry military academic scribe - Col. Chinn was one hell of a character .. a 'maverick' sometimes known as "Double Chinn"- and he led a full if sometimes unruly life.  American football player, coach, adventuresome 'entrepreneur'  .. while his military record shows service through WWI, WWII, The Korean War, & Vietnam War.

Graduation As Marine Aviator (Heavyweight.)

I won't try to present his full life story as I'd just be copying other's original recall .. start here to discover one man's adventures in life: LINKS:

"Double-Chinn" Quote:
"I've never had a malfunction on paper."

Marty K.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Dragon Man - Gun Enthusiast US Style:

Larger than life Mel Bernstein runs his machine-gun range, Licensed Gun Dealership, paint ball course, military museum and race track 'DRAGON LAND' in El Paso County, Colorado - this is near Pikes Peak that all we speed nuts will know.

Showman Mel originates from Brooklyn and puts-on a value for money festival of noise in exchange for your $10 day pass.
Mel's Flame Thrower Dragon Bike - Only In America.

DragonLand boasts as having over 200 machine guns - tanks, bazookas, bombs, jeeps, all kinds of military stuff & of course that motor bike ..

I'm going there when I win the Lotto - even if it is in bad taste.😁😁

(I think that he votes GOP but I'll excuse that)!

Marty K.